Digital transformation at the enterprise level

Having worked in all the 5 domains of digital transformation for micro, small, medium and enterprise level projects, Navneil has hands-on experience in digitally transforming internal or public business-facing products and services, either on-premise, hybrid or cloud platform.


Navneil Naicker
It started as a passion around mid of 2007 and then became a profession as of 2012 when Navneil got his first job as a Web Developer. Navneil Naicker is a passionate, self-taught Full-Stack Software Engineer from Suva, Central, Fiji having more than 10+ years of hands-on experience in various technologies. Navneil loves building products and services that are valuable, reusable, scalable, and reliable.

Navneil has never been beholden to one programming language, design pattern, or framework, but instead has believed that a true craftsman always chooses the right tool for the job. Navneil understands business value and is all about creating it. Very valuable working on a team, and can communicate complex ideas with ease. Love learning and experimenting with new technologies but would never neglect the fundamentals.


The following are services Navneil provide but not limited to. Navneil always up for new technologies that add value, are robust, simplify business processes, and are cost-saving.

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Mobile App Development

Automation Development

Database Administration

Server Administration

Cloud Services

Data Migration/Warehousing

Data Analytics and Reporting


Though this is not the complete list of projects Navneil has built, here's a few of them.

Fiji Revenue and Customs Service

FRCS is the major funder of the National Budget and continues to partner and support other initiatives as needed.

ACF Photo Gallery

A WordPress plugin which adds highly customizable functionality to group images into post/page and be used a photo gallery.

ACF Page Grandchildren

A WordPress plugin which adds functionality to show group of fields only on grandchildren pages.

ACF Page Level

A WordPress plugin which adds functionality to show field groups depending on the page level. Page ancestor to more specific.

ACF Token Input

A WordPress plugin which enables the feature where multiple items can be tagged/selected.

WordPress Bootscraper

Removes styles and scripts that comes pre-loaded with WordPress and are not needed for custom themes.

WordPress Pages Advanced

Drop-in plugin to replace the WordPress pages with tree menu like multi-level parent and children relationship.

WordPress Router

Replacement for WordPress built-in routing, bringing in MVC architecture to map URL paths to controller and method.

ACF Media Cluster

A WordPress plugin which adds feature to add multiple media to post/pages. Comes with shortcode and highly customizable.


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